I am an experienced photographer who first picked up a camera decades ago out of a love for nature and landscape photography.  That passion led to me becoming a published photographer.  (See my CapeMayPics.com page for more information about my book of photography.) While I was content with photographing places rather than people, many years ago a good friend was planning her wedding and pleaded with me with me to be her wedding photographer.  I explained to her that it was not my area of expertise, yet she insisted that she wanted me to capture her special day.  For the sake of our friendship, I reluctantly agreed... and I am glad I did!  It opened up a whole new world of creative photography to me as I dove in deep to attempt to master a new set of skills.  Before long I found myself capturing weddings, senior photo shoots and taking on other types of creative portrait sessions.
Today, while by choice I am not a full time wedding and portrait photographer so that I can continue to pursue other creative pursuits and callings, I continue to selectively accept clients.  Some samples of my work can be viewed below.  If you would like to explore how I may be able to create images that tell your story, I would love the opportunity to speak with you.  
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